"If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you've got to learn to delegate." - Richard Branson

Why The Editor's Boutique?

  • The same person will edit your images each time. You will work closely and build a rapport so your images are consistent and flawless.
  • We are a strong community supporting one another to grow and learn!
  • Our editors are looking to build long - term relationships with professional photographers and give you the freedom to enjoy your work and life! 

Meet Sarah, Founder of The Editor's Boutique

Sarah Kane The Editor's Boutique

Hi there! I'm Sarah Kane, founder of The Editor's Boutique. This business is so important to me for many reasons. One of which is I am a working photographer and I know just how important editing is! I began editing long before I started my photography business in 2011.  Over the years I have taken many classes to improve my editing skills.  Twelve years prior to starting my photography business I was a middle school teacher to students with learning and behavioral difficulties. I left teaching to follow my passion of documenting life and it is truly a dream come true that I am back in the (virtual) classroom educating others, so that they can follow their dreams! I am dedicated to connecting highly trained private editors with professional photographers.  The additional time you will gain will allow you to  focus on the many other tasks involved in running a business and actually having time for yourself!