Join The Editor's Boutique Team!

Whether you are looking to build a career or earn additional income working part-time, boutique photo editing is the perfect choice! Work from home, set your own working hours and start earning money in just 15 weeks. Your first client will pay for this course and then some! Earn a minimum of $2700/ year with just 1 client!

Sarah Kane, founder of The Editor's Boutique, is dedicated to connecting highly trained editors with professional photographers. The unique teachings of the course focus first on the fundamentals of Lightroom and editing for proper and consistent exposure, temperature and contrast. By mastering these skills, using advanced techniques, editors can quickly, easily and consistently match or create beautiful, unique editing styles for their clients!  

Mentorship Are Limited!  

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The Courses

In order to join The Boutique Editor's team you must complete our 15 week course regardless of your experience in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.  The course requires a minimum of 5 hours per week participation.  So that every class can receive my full attention spots are limited.

6 Weeks In Lightroom -$526


6 Weeks in Photoshop - $525

train to become a boutique photo editor

The 15 Week Course -$999

This course begins with 6 weeks of training in Lightroom. Learn the basic fundamentals of balancing light and white balance and how this is achieved through each adjustment module in LR. Learn how to correct and enhance images to match every photographer's unique style! At the end of the LR course there will be a 3 week period to practice matching styles and work on portfolio images.

On the 10th week the Photoshop Course will begin. Students will learn how to remove minor and major blemishes and objects (including unruly hair), soften skin, head/face swapping, adding sky overlays and sunbursts. You will also learn how to edit Newborn Portraits which is in high demand! 

The final course is The Business Edition This 2 week course covers how to communicate with clients, (includes email templates) build rapport, receiving/delivering images, pricing, collecting payment, organization and more!


Although this course is a total of 15 weeks students will have access to all course material for 1 year and lifetime access to the Facebook community! 

All students will receive 1 month FREE listing on The Editor's Boutique Page. After that plans start at just $9.99/month!

Boutique Editing Business Course - $295

train to become a boutique photo editor

The Mentorship -$1,500

E-boutique Mentorships include all of the benefits of the E-boutique Training Course  PLUS:

  • Video recorded feedback on edits
  • Access to Sarah via email, phone or video chat
  • Practice images 
  • Portfolio images to use for advertising 
  • 4 months FREE listing on The Editor's Boutique Page. After that plans start at just $9.99/month!